Book Highlights for Winter Reads

The winter months will be soon upon us and we've got some great reads to curl up with.

These new release titles—covering everything from backsliding to gender identity to the Bible’s big story—are now in store at Reformers Bookshop.

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Love the Ones Who Drive You Crazy: Eight Truths for Pursuing Unity in Your Church by Jamie Dunlop (Crossway)

Churches are full of differences. Yet if a church is centered on Christ alone, then unity at church will sometimes mean building genuine friendships with those who are different. How can Christians navigate those relationships? Can they really love people at church who sometimes drive them crazy? This practical guide explores 8 truths from Romans 12–15 that show us how to find God-exalting unity at church with those we struggle to love.


The Pilgrim’s Regress: Guarding Against Backsliding and Apostasy in the Christian Life by Mark Jones (P&R)

Mark Jones addresses the uncomfortable topic of backsliding believers—and, to a lesser extent, apostasy—in a serious, hopeful, and pastoral work informed by wise theologians of eras past.


Does God Care about Gender Identity? by Samuel D. Ferguson (TGC/Crossway)

In this concise booklet, Samuel Ferguson carefully and compassionately compares the core beliefs and practices of the transgender movement with fundamental truths expressed in Scripture. Ferguson argues human identity is not determined by the individual but is given to us by our Creator, who designed our bodies and minds with purpose and encourages us to live in Christlikeness. It’s part of the Hard Questions series, which equips readers with answers to difficult questions facing the modern church. 


The Inner Life: Its Nature, Relapse, and Recovery by Octavius Winslow (Reformation Heritage)

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, grants eternal life to His sheep—not just a life reserved for the future but one that starts in the life we have now. But how are we to understand this supernatural gift? What does it look like as Christ accomplishes his good work within us? In The Inner Life, Octavious Winslow examines what it means for believers to have the spiritual power of Christ living in them. After looking at how the Spirit of Christ lives in His disciples, Winslow carefully explains how our spiritual life is assaulted, struggles, and regains strength as we travel a difficult but blessed road to our heavenly rest.

Kids and Teens

God's Great Story: A Daily Devotional for Teens by Jon Nielson (Crossway)

Jon Nielson unpacks Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, helping young adults grasp God’s full narrative and form helpful reading habits to keep a strong relationship with the Lord. Designed to be read in a year, each of the 365 daily devotionals includes a summary, a practical application, and a guide for personal prayer and meditation. Readings build off of each other to help readers grasp God’s grand story of redemption and the full saving work of the Son.


Tiny Hands Hymns by Hannah Duguid Estes (P&R)

Teach your children eight enduring hymns of the faith while enjoying vibrant illustrations that capture the lyrics for little hearts. Some of the popular hymns included are “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “Be Thou My Vision,” and “Amazing Grace.”


Lies Boys Believe: And the Epic Quest for Truth by Erin Davis & Jason Davis (Moody)

Jason and Erin Davis—parents to four boys—use witty storytelling and playful graphics to present solid biblical truth to combat the most common lies boys believe. With easy-to-read chapters, this book focuses on ten core lies, including “No One Needs to Know About My Sin” and “Reading the Bible Isn’t for Me.”


Something Scary Happened by Darby A. Strickland (New Growth)

Miles is a happy little lamb until something bad happens. All of a sudden, Miles feels like he is alone in a deep dark valley, but it is there in the valley that he meets his good Shepherd who promises to always be with him, no matter what. Counselor and trauma expert Darby A. Strickland uses the story of Miles to help parents and caregivers share the comfort of taking their fears to the good Shepherd by applying Psalm 23 to difficult experiences.