Preorder for Spring: Upcoming Highlights!

With a new season comes a new crop of encouraging and edifying Christian books. These new release titles—covering everything from Bible reading to our post-Christian culture to friendship—are arriving instore at Reformers from September to November (note: arrival dates are tentative and may change due to shipping delays). And as the festive season draws nearer, you might want to pick up a few extra copies of these books to give as gifts.

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Digital Liturgies: Rediscovering Christian Wisdom in an Online Age by Samuel James (Crossway)

Tech-realist Samuel D. James examines the connection between patterns in technology and human desires. Everyone longs for a glimpse of heaven; James argues they are just looking for it in the wrong place—the internet. This accessible book exposes 5 “digital liturgies” that prohibit people from contemplating big truths, accepting the uncomfortable, and acknowledging God as their Creator. It then calls readers to live faithfully before Christ, finding wisdom through Scripture and rest in God’s perfect design.


Remaking the World: How 1776 Created the Post-Christian West by Andrew Wilson (Crossway)

With dizzying social transformations in everything from gender to social justice, it may seem like there’s never been a more tumultuous period in history. But a single year in the late 18th century saw a number of influential transformations—or even revolutions—that changed the social trajectory of the Western world. By understanding how those events influenced today’s cultural landscape, Christians can more effectively bear witness to God’s truth in a post-Christian age.


Understanding and Trusting Our Great God by Tim Challies (Harvest House)

For years, writer Tim Challies has been posting spiritual insights from influential Christian thought leaders, helping his thousands of online followers mature in their faith. Now these inspirations are yours to discover in this one-of-a-kind devotional examining the character of God. This curated collection of quotes, along with stunning photography and corresponding devotions from Tim, invite you to reflect on the many characteristics of God that lead to greater trust in him.


Creating the Canon: Composition, Controversy, and the Authority of the New Testament by Benjamin P. Laird (IVP Academic)

Despite the profound influence of the New Testament, a variety of questions related to its background and history remain common. Contemporary readers often find the subject of the canon’s origin and formation to be complicated and confusing, while scholars continue to struggle to find agreement about basic elements of the canon’s development. Wide-ranging yet accessible, Creating the Canon offers an illuminating treatment of the composition, formation, and authority of the New Testament and serves as a valuable guide to those with limited prior study.


Helping for the Hungry Soul: Eight Encouragements to Grow Your Appetite for God’s Word by Kristen Wetherell (Crossway)

How often do we sit at Christ’s table, truly hungry for his word? This book offers 8 encouragements to spur an appetite for God’s word. Through searching questions, practical ideas, and moving testimonies, author Kristen Wetherell will help readers to reflect on their journey with their Bible and uncover how it is possible to treasure it.



Good Gifts Come From God and Give God Your Worries by Sally Michael (New Growth Press) 

In this pair of new books, Sally Michael helps young children to memorize and reflect on Bible verses. One book explores 1 Peter 5:7, teaching preschoolers to cast all their worries on the God who cares about them. The other book encourages gratitude to God through James 1:17. They’re a great place to start in helping kids dwell in God’s Word.

Little Pilgrim's Big Journey Part 3 by Tyler Van Halteren (Lithos Kids)

The epic conclusion to the Little Pilgrim series. Follow Jude, Eli, and Mercy as they seek to fulfill the King's commission and spread the good news of the Kingdom. Part III is a completely new story that continues the story introduced in Part I and II. It combines characters from The Pilgrim’s Progress with stories from Bunyan’s own life, as well as from the New Testament books of Acts and Revelation. This book includes many important biblical lessons, including the role of the church in our journey, the call to evangelism and service, and the glorious hope for all believers.


Lucy and the Saturday Surprise by Melissa Kruger (Crossway/TGC)

Everyone struggles with wanting what others have. Lucy and the Saturday Surprise helps children understand the dangers of letting desire fester into envy. Through colorful illustrations and engaging characters, Lucy’s story shows kids how to fight against envy and reminds us all that Jesus offers freedom from both the penalty and power of sin. 

Jesus and the Gift of Friendship by Trillia Newbell (Crossway)

Friends are one of the greatest gifts from God and reflect his ultimate gift—Jesus! But what happens when the desire for friendship goes unmet? Where should kids turn in their moments of sadness? Jesus and the Gift of Friendship will spur hope and comfort in the lives of kids ages 3–6, teaching little ones to embrace friendship as a blessing from God and a reflection of Jesus—our dearest friend and ultimate provider.