Equip18: Life at the Table

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We provide book stalls at several of the Equip conferences. Here is some information about May Equip18: Life at the Table.

If tables could talk, imagine the stories they could tell...

My friend's son just got married. His last dinner at home wasn't anything fancy food-wise but it was a memorable meal.

This year at EQUIP we'll be taking a look at some memorable meals from the Bible.

To kick us off, an entree from Tash, exploring the most important meal in the Old Testament, the Passover.

Which naturally leads us to perhaps the most famous of meals and our main course for the day, Jesus' last supper with his disciples. Di will show us why this meal still matters today.

Followed by a not so sweet dessert with Ainsley, where she'll help us examine our hearts, as we take a look at the 'memorable for all the wrong reasons' meals being served up by the Corinthian church.

When we gather around a table to eat, we taste more than the food, don't we? We taste our life. What we eat, who we eat with, they all show something ourselves. What would your table say about you?

Isobel Lin | Chair EQUIP18

taken from the Equip website.

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