Book Review: "What the Bible Says" Series (Wayne Grudem)


Wayne Grudem wrote a book last year, maybe the year before, called "Ethics" and Crossway just started bringing out excerpts from that book - it's a hefty work, I should have brought it down, it's huge! And so they've started putting out these little booklets which are less than a hundred pages... so 70 or 80 pages, and they pull the information out of his ethics book on different topics: so this one's on "Abortion, Euthanasia, and End-of-Life Decisions" and this one's on "How to Know God's Will". What I like about these is they're concise, very short, but they're also quite comprehensive - so he goes through looking at each of the topics from a biblical perspective, from a logical perspective, and even from a scientific perspective, to show you all the data, all the different questions that people ask and all the different answers you could give around those different topics. So they're a really useful little resource if you're thinking about a particular ethical dilemma.