Book Review: Together Through the Storms (Jeff & Sarah Walton)

G'day, Tom here from Reformers Bookshop.

If you're married you should definitely be reading books on marriage, and this one here "Together Through the Storms" by Jeff and Sarah Walton is a fantastic one for you to read.

They've written about suffering in marriage, which might sound like "we're not going through suffering" - but it applies not just to those going through intense difficulties, but to those who are having any sort of difficulty in their marriage. And if you're anything like me, that happens fairly regularly thoughout the years.

And so this book is a wonderful one, but what I love about it is that Jeff and Sarah have gone through intense difficulties, difficulties with finances and diseases and job issues and all sorts of problems. But they don't wallow in their problems, instead their experiences have made this such a 'real' book - I hate the word but that's what it is - it's so down-to-earth. Not setting some ideal that's way above what any of us can attain, but instead showing us that even in the actual problems that we encounter we can grow through those experiences in our marriage, in our relationship to God, and we can become more like Christ and actually glorify God through those difficulties, and they do a wonderful job of showing you how to do that.

Together Through the Storms: Biblical Encouragements for Your Marriage When Life Hurts

Together Through the Storms

Biblical Encouragements for Your Marriage When Life Hurts

by Sarah & Jeff Walton