Book Review: Sufficient Hope (Christina Fox)

Book Review: Sufficient Hope (Christina Fox) -- Book Review by Samantha Balmforth

Book review by Samantha Balmforth

In today’s social media age, mothers are infiltrated with the message that ‘we are enough’. We are told through blogs, memes and inspirational Instagram posts that all we need to do is try our best, and that will do, or that as long as we focus on self-care and filling our own cups, then we can give what we need to our children afterwards. However, one only needs to have been a mother for more than a few months, or even weeks, to know that none of that is true. We are sinful women, with sinful children, living in a fallen world. We are never enough no matter how hard we try. We need Jesus. That is why Christina Fox’s book Sufficient Hope is so helpful.

Fox focuses in on the areas where most mum’s feel that they fail on a regular basis: when we are exhausted from the seemingly never-ending duties of motherhood; when we feel worried and anxious about our kids; when our days never seem to go to plan; when we feel lonely; or when we feel defeated by our own sin or by our children’s sin. Fox meets mums where they are - deep in the trenches of motherhood - and offers the truth and eternal hope of the gospel with every chapter, like a soothing balm to the soul. Sufficient Hope is the perfect book for any mum, especially a mum in need of encouragement (which is all of us!) Each chapter is intertwined with precious promises from Scripture, pointing us to Christ and reminding us of the hope we have in Him as even when we fail, we have a faithful God who renews us with strength for each new day. I would gladly recommend this book for any mother, in any season of motherhood, to encourage and refresh them with the truths of the gospel.

Sufficient Hope

Sufficient Hope

by Christina Fox