Book Review: Seeing Green (Tilly Dillehay)

Book review by Samantha Balmforth

This book is, at its core, about glory. Tilly Dillehay describes that we are either glory givers, or glory takers. God created us to do everything giving glory to Himself, yet we so often want the glory for ourselves. That is where the sin of envy comes in. Envy is such a subtle sin that we can often not even be aware of it in our own hearts and lives. Dillehay is brutally honest as she tells the reader deeply personal stories from her own life that recount when envy took hold of her. It allows us to in turn look to our own hearts and discover where envy may have taken root, and then critically, how to repent and move forward in obedience. This is a very practical book, and would be helpful for all Christians. All of us need to be reminded to do all things to the glory of God, not for our own glory. 

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