Book Review: Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Really Change Your Family (Paul David Tripp)

Review by Shamira Eglinton

Have you tried hundreds of different methods and ideas to improve your parenting? Are you fed up? Do you keep failing? Is nothing making sense?

Paul Tripp brilliantly gets to the core of what parenting is all about. Sometimes it isn’t another 10-step method that we need, but a change in our own heart and understanding. However, if you are looking for something practical for specific circumstances this isn’t your book.



by Paul David Tripp




In his words “Parenting is about being God’s ambassadors in the lives of our children. It is about representing his message, his methods and his character to our children.”

I have found this book particularly helpful when my impatience and my frustrations rise and when my heart is not in a good place. Tripp gently and firmly guides me back to seeing me and my children the way God does and how to live in a way that gives Him the glory. I recommend this book to parents with children of all ages and also to people who are encouraging other parents in the challenges of day to day life.