Book Review: Notebook for Eternity

This is a reprint of Wayne’s earlier self-published work of the same name, and Christian Focus has done a commendable job in producing it.

Today’s evangelicals are in danger of not emphasising the nature and attributes of God. This little booklet is a corrective to that.

It is a set of 26 meditations, one for each letter of the alphabet (yes, ‘Q’ and ‘X’ can be done), all on the nature of God. One page gives Wayne’s thoughts, and the page facing it gives four to six Bible references, written out in full. The result could easily be used evangelistically to give to people to introduce them to their Creator and Judge, or it could be used by Christians to contemplate more deeply the nature and attributes of God.

I can only repeat what I wrote concerning the earlier edition: We ought to be glad to have this resource, and make cogent use of it.

Review by Peter Barnes. This review first appeared in the Australian Presbyterian Magazine

 Notebook for Eternity

Notebook for Eternity

by Wayne Richards



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