Book Review: Little Pilgrim's Big Journey (Tyler Van Halteren)

"The Pilgrim's Progress" is John Bunyan's classic, allegorical tale about how Christian travels to heaven - to the Celestial City. There' are many wonderful editions produced of this story, but here Tom shows the edition by Tyler Van Halteren (illustrated by Beatriz Mello) from Lithos Press, both volumes by Bunyan about Christian (Volume 1) and Christiana (Volume 2).

G'day, Tom here from Reformers Bookshop.

"The Pilgrim's Progress" is John Bunyan's classic tale about, it's an allegorical tale, about how Christian travels to heaven - to the Celestial City - and there's many many wonderful editions, I just want to show you one today.

This is a new one that's [been] put out, it's beautiful, cloth-bound, excellent production, beautiful colours and pictures, it's been re worded - very faithful to the original - but re-done for children, and so Christian in the book is actually a young boy, and he travels through. And all the same things happened to him that happened to Christian in the "real"... full tale.

It's not very abridged, it's it's got everything in there, really. And it's got these beautiful little explanations of the chapters at the end of each chapter, with questions to help kids think through more about what's going on. This would make an excellent gift, a great book to read to your kids each night.

And they've also done in the same style - beautiful cloth-bound with fantastic pictures, the sequel that John Bunyan wrote to "The Pilgrim's Progress" which is all about Christiana, who was a Christian's wife in the original.

But in this one it's a young girl and her friends who travel along with Mr Braveheart to reach the Celestial City. So it's also a great one to add to the collection to read to your kids - so they would know these wonderful truths that John Bunyan so colourfully painted for us in these two tales.