Book Review: Lead (Paul David Tripp)

The church is experiencing a leadership crisis. What can we do to prevent pastors from leaving the ministry? In this book review, Mark Powell shares some brief thoughts on Paul David Tripp's book "Lead" from Crossway. 

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It's a new year, and if you're looking for a new book to read on Christian leadership then you can really do no better than looking at this new book by Paul Tripp.
If you're familiar with Paul Tripp's work on marriage and on parenting, you'll know that he keeps the gospel central. And yet how often do we fail to do that in our
ministries? We preach a gospel of grace, but we live even in our service of that by a gospel of works.
Paul Tripp, his new book 12 Principles [for] Christian Leadership [in the Church], which he simply calls "Lead" is excellent. It's applying the gospel to one of the most important areas of our life: and that is ministry. And it's highly commended.