Book Review : Jesus Through the Eyes of Women

By Renee Emerson

“If the women who followed Jesus could tell you what he was like, what would they say?”

In the past 2,000 years, countless women have been dismissed and devalued by their brothers in Christ. This misrepresentation of Christianity has left many to believe that, at its core, Christianity is misogynistic. A religion that tramples, silences and disregards women.

Rebecca’s book ‘Jesus Through The Eyes of Women’, is a gentle yet profound and scholarly correction of this wrong thinking. “Rather than view women as risks, liabilities or burdens, Jesus invites them to draw near” and “Rebecca McLaughlin invites us to examine the stories of women throughout the ministry of Jesus” (Jen Wilkin).

This book is incredibly through-provoking and soul-stirring. Rooted in theology, the radiant beauty of Jesus and his counter-cultural love, respect and encounters with women are told through graceful storytelling, making this book so enjoyable and easy to consume. I found, in particular, the background of the women’s lives and the historical events of the time, which are woven throughout the story, absolutely fascinating and a helpful addition to further understanding and context to the narrative.

This is a must-read! 



This blog post is a snippet from 'Jesus through the eyes of women' from Renee's blog 'Blossoming Through Books'