Book Review: Held (Abbey Wedgeworth)

Held (Buy Now)

Review by Samantha Balmforth

Every woman who has faced the tragedy of miscarriage knows the feelings that follow: sadness, emptiness, helplessness and despair. It is a time when women who have been through a similar experience can comfort those who are mourning because they have felt it, too. Unfortunately, it is also a time when well-meaning family and friends can say things that end up hurting instead of helping. That is why Abby Wedgeworth’s book Held is so valuable. She has walked the road of pregnancy loss, and she understands both what words of comfort are needed and not-needed. Wedgeworth helps the reader to gain perspective in their sorrow through a 31 day devotional which works through Psalm 139 and points all things back to our sovereign and loving God. Each devotional is steeped in God’s Word, reminding the reader of God’s unchanging character and how He works all things according to His purpose. While completely caring and comforting, Wedgeworth also gently rebukes if and when is necessary, which I was very encouraged by. It also includes personal reflections from other Christian women who have experienced pregnancy loss, which was very touching. This devotional is raw, it is emotional, but I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who has or is experiencing the pain of miscarriage.

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