Book Review: God is Always Better Than We Can Imagine (Iain Wright)

Book Review by Joel Radford

Joel Radford has served as the preaching elder of Drummoyne Baptist Church since 2009.

Iain Wright's new devotional work aims to remind us that God is always better than we can imagine.

There are thirty-one chapters, one for each day of a month. The chapters are primarily based on major Bible characters, from Noah to Moses to David to Daniel to Peter. And, of course, Christ. Some whole chapters are rightly dedicated to the Lord Jesus. Wright also regularly connects the major characters of the Old Testament to our Saviour.

The book is written in a relaxed style for a broad spectrum of believers, as shown by calls to repentance to both unbelievers and backsliders. Illustrations abound - primarily from Wright himself but also from others, including old favourites from the likes of Charles Spurgeon.

In the last chapter, Wright shares the purpose of the book: 'I hope that each meditation may have shown you something that perhaps you had not seen before. I am bold enough to hope that it has done something more. I hope that you approach Scripture with a greater expectation. The God we worship is, by definition, better than we can imagine, so you and I should always entertain the highest thoughts of him.'

I share that hope for readers of this book as well.


God is Always Better Than We Can Imagine

God is Always Better Than We Can Imagine

31 Meditations on the Greatness of God

by Iain Wright