Book Review: Cross and Culture (Kurt Mahlburg)


Hi, my name’s Kurt, and I’ve just released this book, “Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?

I have been fascinated with Western civilisation for a number of years, what it was that drove us to have the values that we do, to have the freedoms that we do. And particularly over the last couple of years, or the last 12 months especially, we have seen riots, we’ve seen lockdowns, we’ve seen racial tensions, we’ve seen a lot of problems arising. People are asking “why is this happening” and “what’s going on”, and I’ve even been listening to secular podcasts as they’re starting to refer to God in ways they haven’t previously.

I really do believe Jesus is the answer to the crisis we’re facing, and I think there’s a lot of things we don’t even realise about Western civilisation and Jesus’ influence on it. So this book is what you need to read to get your head around how we’ve come to the place we’re at, and how we can solve the problems in front of us.

Can Jesus save the West? I believe he can, and I encourage you to buy the book.