Book Review: Calvin on the Christian Life

In essence, this book is an overview of Calvin’s theology by taking you on a structured tour through the Institutes. I particularly enjoyed how Michael Horton wove the main themes of Calvin’s theology throughout the book, showing how they applied to different situations. Those themes that remain in my memory are:

  • Distinction without separation
  • Theology of the cross as opposed to a theology of glory
  • Intensely practical theology

 Calvin on the Christian Life

Calvin on the Christian Life

by Michael Horton




I was trying to think about my favourite part of this book but really, it was all a joy to read and consider. Michael and Calvin, working together, managed to continually lift up Christ in my thoughts and yet apply Christ’s work so practically to the Christian life including church, the sacraments, work and death.

Consider reading this book if you are looking for a practical, manageable introduction to Calvin’s theology – this book should whet your appetite.

Consider reading this book if you are familiar with Calvin’s theology but are looking for a bit of revision that might bring elements of his understanding out in different ways.

Lastly, consider reading this book if you are wanting to get insight into how one of the great Reformers viewed the Christian life.

Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life Series

IMAGE Theologians on the Christian Life

Review by Thomas Eglinton

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