Book Review: A Company of Heroes (Tim Keesee)

Review by Samantha Balmforth

In our corner of the world, we can often take for granted the freedom of faith that we are blessed with. While the Western world is certainly becoming more hostile to Christianity, we can feel safe that sharing the gospel, reading the Bible or meeting together as God’s church will not cost us our lives. Yet, millions of Christians all over the world face this possibility every day.

In his book A Company of Heroes, Tim Keesee provides us with a snapshot of just some of the stories of faithful Christian missionaries who, in many cases, risk their lives to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have not heard it. China, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Syria and Cambodia are just some of the countries that Keesee visits as he chronicles the inspirational stories of the men and women who fill his pages with boldness, faithfulness and courage for Christ.

Keesee is a skillful writer, making each chapter a pleasure to read as well as making you feel as though you are right there with him, meeting these people on the front line of the gospel.

While at times heart-breakingly sad, this book will ultimately left me with unhindered joy in the certainty that Jesus is being proclaimed throughout all the earth, to every tribe, nation and tongue, and that God is working through His people, everywhere.

I highly recommend this book. 

A Company of Heroes

A Company of Heroes

Portraits from the Gospel's Global Advance

by Tim Keesee