Best Christian Apologetics Books for Kids and Teens

Parents, pastors, and youth group leaders are used to fielding a barrage of questions about Christianity from kids and teenagers. Do you know how to answer them? While telling them answers is great, we should also aim to equip our young people to seek answers themselves and learn to articulate their faith.

Apologetics is about presenting a defense for the truth, and it’s a crucial skill for all Christians to grow in. To help get the young people in your family or church started, here are six of our best-selling Christian apologetics books for kids and teens.

  1. Answers for Kids Box Set by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge (eds.)

Ages 7–11

Kids are inherently curious. Many of the questions they have about the Bible relate to what they can see around them and what they hear in entertainment. How did this world come to be? How old is the earth? What happened to the dinosaurs? In this series of books, Ken Ham and others at Answers in Genesis tackle 174 similar questions about everything from astronomy to angels. 


  1. How Do We Know That Christianity Is Really True? by Chris Morphew

Ages 9–13

With all the competing worldviews that young people are exposed to through social media, entertainment, school, and friends, we need Christ-following teens to be confident in what they believe and why. This book from Chris Morphew helps build teens’ trust in the Bible by showing its historicity and the evidence for Jesus’s resurrection. Morphew tackles a range of apologetic questions relevant to kids in other Big Questions books, including why God allows suffering and what happens when we die.


  1. A.S.K. Real World Questions / Real World Answers by David Robertson 

Ages 12+

Kids often ask big questions about God, and these questions only get more complicated when they become teenagers: How is the Bible relevant today? Does the definition of sin change across cultures and times? What’s the purpose of life? These are a few of the issues David Robertson tackles in A.S.K. He takes teens’ questions seriously, providing concise, clear, and biblical answers to their most pressing concerns. With 52 questions and answers, teens could read and think about one each week for a year, and even discuss them weekly with their parents or a youth group leader. A second volume with even more questions and answers, S.E.E.K., was released earlier this year.


  1. 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) About Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin

Ages 12–15

Best-selling Christian apologetics author Rebecca McLaughlin (Confronting Christianity) tackles the tough questions of teenagers in this book. She addresses issues that often make young people doubt the truth and goodness of Christianity, like diversity, suffering, and the meaning of gender. In every chapter, she shows how the Bible provides better answers to our pressing questions than the world does. It’s the ideal book for both skeptics and professing Christians.


  1. Track: A Student’s Guide to Apologetics by Stephen J. Nichols

Even if a teenager is solid in their faith, they might not know how to clearly articulate what they believe to their friends and classmates. How can we equip young people to address tricky questions and share the gospel effectively? In this short, affordable guide, Stephen J. Nichols aims to help them defend what they believe. He tackles philosophical questions; the reliability of biblical manuscripts; Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection; and more. 


  1. Is God Anti-Gay? by Sam Allberry

While this book wasn’t specifically written for teenagers, it tackles a topic that young people can’t possibly avoid thinking about. In a world that teaches us the only boundary to sexual expression is consent, young people urgently need to understand what the Bible really teaches about love, sex, and gender. As a short book, it’s ideal to get a basic introduction to the theology of sexuality while being equipped to care well for friends who profess same-sex attraction. 


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