Puritan Treasures: Starter Pack

Puritan Treasures: Starter Pack

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Various Puritans | Reformation Heritage

Paperback Pack

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This pack of Puritan Treasures for Today is an ideal starter pack for getting into the writings of the Puritans. Covering a range of topics, these four books are relevant, simple and easy to read.

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The Blessed And Boundless God

by George Swinock

From the psalmist's assertion that no one in heaven or earth is like God, George Swinnock derives his principal doctrine - namely, God is incomparable. Throughout The Blessed and Boundless God, he proves his doctrine by demonstrating God's incomparableness in His being, attributes, works and words.

Swinnock is a pastor-theologian who views theology as the means by which we grow in acquaintance with God and, consequently, in godliness. Therefore, he carefully applies his doctrine by demonstrating how God's incomparableness informs, counsels and comforts us.

Triumphing over Sinful Fear

by John Flavel

To some degree, everyone experiences fear. It impacts the decisions we make and leaves us feeling helpless. John Flavel begins this book by examining various fears and discussing general ways God governs it in this world. He then turns to sinful fear in particular, explaining its causes and disastrous effects, as well as showing how a proper fear of God is the ultimate remedy for all other fears.

This practical book will help you avoid making excuses for sinful fear and encourage you to trust in Christ's commitment to settle His people's feeble and trembling hearts.

Stop Loving the World

by William Greenhill

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world' (1 John 2:15). The Puritans were greatly concerned with suppressing worldliness in the church. Today, worldliness is an even greater problem, exacerbated by the fact that so few dare to speak out against it.

In this book, William Greenhill provides modern readers with a healthy antidote to our love affair with the world. He explains what it means to love the world, exposes the dangers of cherishing it, shares how we ought to relate to it and gives encouraging directions for removing our hearts from it.

Turn and Live

by Nathaniel Vincent

God's call to the sinner to turn and live is serious and demands a response. In a clear, compelling and passionate way, Nathaniel Vincent explains the foolishness of continuing in the pathway of evil, the stubborn disposition of natural man to continue in this way, the gracious and repeated call of God to turn, and the wonderful remedy found in Christ. In typical Puritan fashion, Vincent also draws out the several applications, or uses, of this doctrine.


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