Puritan Treasures: Faith and Assurance

Puritan Treasures: Faith and Assurance

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Various Puritans | Reformation Heritage

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This pack of Puritan Treasures for Today contains three books about repentance, assurance and faith at the end of life.

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Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith

by John Owen

Although believers have a right to every spiritual comfort in Christ, remaining sin and temptation often hinder them from enjoying these blessings.

In Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith, John Owen recognizes that faith “is the root on which all genuine comforts grow,” and these comforts “are ordinarily shared by believers in proportion to the evidences of true faith in their lives.” Owen investigates the proper operations of faith that demonstrate its genuineness, encouraging us to cling fast to Christ, pursue holiness, commune with God through worship, and bring our souls into a special state of repentance.

Do you wish to glorify God more and have greater enjoyment in the comforts of Christ? Find inspiration in this pastoral consideration of the evidences of saving faith. 

Faith Seeking Assurance

by Anthony Burgess

It is not uncommon for professing Christians to question the genuineness of their faith. In seasons like this, they can wonder whether it is even possible to know for sure if they are in a state of saving grace.

In this book, Anthony Burgess shows that Christians not only can come to an assurance of their salvation, but should pursue it. Burgess provides helpful advice for avoiding a presumptuous spirit while developing a humble confidence in grace. Here is a book that will help you understand the marks of grace and avoid some common abuses associated with self-examination.

Fading of the Flesh and The Flourishing of Faith

by George Swinnock

The Puritans frequently talked about dying well. That is something we do not discuss much these days, though we should. In this book, George Swinnock presents modern readers with valuable food for thought as he expounds Psalm 73:26, 'My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.'

Swinnock combines careful explanation with vivid illustration to reveal the futility of earthly comforts and highlight the inestimable comfort, satisfaction and joy afforded us in Christ.


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