Ed Welch Pack 2: Created to Draw Near x1 & Caring for One Another x2

Ed Welch Pack 2: Created to Draw Near x1 & Caring for One Another x2

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Welch, Edward T. | Crossway

Book Pack

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This pack contains:

  • x1 copy of Created to Draw Near
  • x2 copies of Caring for One Another

Created to Draw Near

Many Christians prefer to keep God at a safe distance—a distant God makes fewer demands. They imagine God has rules just for the sake of obedience, missing the point that God delights in making them holy so they can draw near to him. God’s plan from the beginning has been for his people to draw near to him as a kingdom of priests.

In 40 short, meditative chapters, best-selling author Ed Welch traces iterations of the priestly job description from the garden of Eden to the heavenly city. Along the way, believers will discover their identity as royal priests and learn what it means that they were created to be made holy as they draw near to God and receive his lavish hospitality.

224 pages

Caring for One Another

Imagine . . . an interconnected group of people who entrust themselves to each other. You can speak of your pain, and someone responds with compassion and prayer. You can speak of your joys, and someone rejoices with you. You can ask for help with sinful struggles, and someone prays with you.

The goal of this book is that these meaningful relationships will become a natural part of daily life in your church. With short chapters and discussion questions meant to be read in a group setting, Ed Welch guides small groups through eight lessons that show what it looks like when ordinary, needy people care for other ordinary, needy people in everyday life.

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