A Bright Tomorrow: How to Face the Future Without Fear

A Bright Tomorrow: How to Face the Future Without Fear

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Mellinger, Jared | New Growth Press


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Packed with biblical truth, A Bright Tomorrow addresses anxiety about an uncertain future by reminding readers of what they can be certain of–God’s grace, his unshakeable promises, and the hope of resurrection. Jared Mellinger helps readers remember their security in Christ in the midst of parental fears, cultural decline, aging, death, and facing the unknown.

The future is scary, and Jared Mellinger knows we live in a world full of daunting change, frightening uncertainties, and concerning circumstances. Parenting fears, old age, death, and illness are just a few of the common anxieties that weigh on the hearts and minds of most of us at some point in our lives. If you’re a Christian who obsesses over the future or ignores it for good reason, this book is for you. Lasting comfort and peace are found in Christ, who has secured a place for his people and offers a bright tomorrow based on the solid ground of God’s promises.

A Bright Tomorrow equips Christians with biblical truths laid out in Scripture to face the future with confidence. Readers will learn to face their fears and worries about the future by living right now in view of the gospel of hope and the promise of life everlasting.

This life-changing book will lead Christians to grasp onto certain hope, transforming the way they think about God, themselves, and the world around them. True courage comes from knowing the end of the story, and as Christians with forward-looking hope, we can be eternal optimists and fight fear of the future through Jesus our champion, who gives us victory over death.

“Through Jesus, Christians have a ‘God of hope’ (Rom. 15:13). But we are so prone to allowing circumstances, trials, disappointments, failures, heartaches, and worries to cloud the sun of our unconquerable hope. This little book radiates hope, shining with the assurance of our Heavenly Father, ‘Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off’ (Prov. 23:18). I initially read A Bright Tomorrow because I was asked to do so in view of possibly writing an endorsement. Now that I’ve written it, I intend to read the book again because it encouraged me so much the first time.”

--- Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY; author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian LifePraying the Bible, and Family Worship

“This book will help you to see. When your yesterday or today has been bleak, the road ahead looks only dark. Jared has brought together much of what Scripture says about tomorrow in a way that you will have courage to forge ahead with hope. Read it slowly.”

--- Ed Welch, Bestselling author; faculty member at CCEF

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