9781945270833-World View: Seeking Grace and Truth in Our Common Life-Olasky, Marvin

World View: Seeking Grace and Truth in Our Common Life

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Olasky, Marvin | New Growth Press


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How could our world be different if Christians were recognised for not only speaking the truth, but also demonstrating mercy? What would our lives be like if we reacted to our common culture with not just biblical facts, but also grace and compassion?

For more than 25 years, Marvin Olasky has offered this kind of viewpoint in his columns as the Editor-in-Chief of World Magazine, the leading news magazine written with a Christian perspective. In this collection of far-ranging columns – Olasky’s commentary on world events and affairs, as well as his own personal interactions – encourages readers to respond with both grace and truth in every encounter.

“Christians are the intellectual outlaws under the current secular conditions… In this context of increasing hostility to the Christian faith, Marvin Olasky’s careful and theologically-informed reflection on the culture is… a thoughtful and rich resource for those who are seeking to walk faithfully during this challenging cultural moment.”
- Albert Mohler, Jr, President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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