9781945270130-Small Book About a Big Problem, A: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace-Welch, Edward

Small Book About a Big Problem, A: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace

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Welch, Edward T. | New Growth Press


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How many times today have you been irritated? Frustrated? While you might not think about it often, if you look closely at any day, most people can find anger in their actions and attitudes. Anger is so common - yet it also hurts. It not only leaves a mark on us, but it also leaves a marks on others.

In this book, Ed Welch takes readers on a fifty-day journey unpacking anger biblically, while encouraging and teaching readers to respond with patience to life's difficulties. Readers will also be introduced to Jesus, the key to any plan for change. Known as the Prince of Peace, He is the only one who can empower His people to grow in patience and peace.

"Does anger really require a basic treatment program of seven weeks? Yes. Small symptoms mask major diseases. In A Small Book about a Big Problem, Dr. Ed Welch masterfully combines biblical analysis and a lifetime of counseling experience with a gentle exposing of our true condition - and then prescribes gospel medicine."?
- Sinclair B. Ferguson, Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

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