9781942572817-Trapped: Getting Free from People, Patterns, and Problems-Farmer, Andy

Trapped: Getting Free from People, Patterns, and Problems

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Farmer, Andy | New Growth Press


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We all know how it feels to be trapped - whether it's things outside of us, or things that are part of who we are. As if that's not enough, we can also feel trapped by wrong choices, destructive habits, and difficult relationships. How can we find the freedom we crave?

In this book, Andy Farmer takes one of the great themes of the gospel - the truth that we've been ransomed to freedom in Christ - and applies it to some of the most troubling, life-controlling issues we face. The gospel doesn't just solve our sin problem with God, it actually gives us what we need to battle against the complex everyday struggles - like laziness, addiction, or approval-seeking.

"If you have ever been stuck, trapped, or cornered, then you know how hopeless it seems... Andy Farmer wrote this book to help you experience the freedom found in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read it and let Andy lead you again and again to Jesus Christ."?
- Rob Green, Pastor of Counseling and Seminary Ministries, Faith Church, Lafayette

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