9781942572046-Like Father, Like Son: How Knowing God as Father Changes Men-Alwinson, Pete

Like Father, Like Son: How Knowing God as Father Changes Men

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Alwinson, Pete | New Growth Press


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What do men need in the twenty-first century? There are so many opinions - some think the answer is a masculine to-do list. Others give detailed directions on how to become a 'real' man. Those things can be helpful, but do they get to the core of the identity issues that men are facing today?

In this book, Pete Alwinson invites men to recover and reclaim an intimate, growing relationship with their heavenly Father and live out that identity in their particular calling - whether as sons, fathers, brothers or friends. Using personal stories from his many years of men's ministry, Pete shows men that the way forward in life and relationships is through their growing relationship with their heavenly Father.

"... Like Father, Like Son is a refreshing reminder men are desperate to hear. Pete Alwinson does a masterful job of connecting a man's identity to the fundamental nature of our heavenly Father, bathing the reader in the healing balm of God's grace."?
- David D. Swanson,"¨ Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

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