9781941658000-Thoughts for Young Men-Ryle, J. C.

Thoughts for Young Men

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Ryle, J. C. | Granted Ministries


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Thoughts for Young Men, by J.C.Ryle, has proven its worth by changing the life and perspective of countless men and youth for nearly 150 years. The growing number of young men who have been helped by the book urge you to read what is contained within. The generation of men before you add their voice, likewise urging you to consider the weighty message.

As you step into the world and assume the rights and responsibilities of full manhood, Ryleʼs "thoughts"? will help you keep in the right trajectory. His intention is to come alongside you as an older man, as though a grandfather, and to offer you the advice you may not know you need.

His words are clear, sharp and powerful; they aim to instil in you the seriousness and the desire to overcome the difficult challenges of life with faith in God and a true commitment to live for Christ. In todayʼs pop-culture, young men stand in great need of the sort of godly wisdom served up in this timeless book.

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