9781939946232-Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day-Leonard, John

Get Real: Sharing Your Everyday Faith Every Day

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Leonard, John | New Growth Press


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Christians often make evangelism into an awkward experience. We host evangelism events and rehearse three-step plans, but we struggle to relate to non-Christians or to tell our own stories in an authentic way.

This book calls us to live out what Christ modelled - a lifestyle of actively sharing the good news in our relationships. John Leonard - a pastor, seminary professor, and former missionary - shows how Christ's own example releases us to love, listen, pray fervently, and respond faithfully to opportunities every day.

"John is a gifted evangelist, which could be intimidating as we watch him in action, but somehow he immediately inspired me. As I was reading I got excited about all kinds of conversations up ahead. Being real, listening, and always looking for opportunities for a party - I can do that."?
- Edward T. Welch, Counselor and Faculty Member, CCEF; Author, Shame Interrupted

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