9781938267895-NGP iSnooping on Your Kid: Parenting in an Internet World-Black, Nicholas

NGP iSnooping on Your Kid: Parenting in an Internet World

Product Code: 9781938267895

Black, Nicholas | New Growth Press


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In our increasingly wired world, your children have access to people, images and media that you don't want them to experience. What's a concerned parent to do? What does wisdom look like when technology floods into your home bringing access to pornography and other Internet dangers?

Providing extensive practical suggestions, Nicholas Black directs you in making a plan with your family for safety and clear boundaries on technology use. By reminding you of how Christ leads you to repentance and faithful living, he offers helpful advice on how you can help your children grow in purity, integrity and dependence on Christ as they navigate the world of technology.

Packed full of applied Biblical wisdom, these guides address highly relevant issues for anyone seeking counsel.

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