9781938267758-Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus into the World-Logan, Samuel

Reformed Means Missional: Following Jesus into the World

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Logan, Samuel | New Growth Press


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Christians are not on a mission for God; his church is on his mission - the mission of bringing the grace of Christ to sinners; the mission of bringing the whole world into obedience to Christ; and the mission of covering the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God in Christ Jesus.

Being on God's mission means following Jesus into the darkest places of the world to bring the good news of the total redeeming work of Christ. Leading reformed thinkers including Keller, Schirrmacher, Buys, Langberg, Leonard, Tchividjian, Freeman and many others, demonstrate why and how the church must be on God's mission of bringing grace, holiness, compassion and justice to a world of sin and suffering.

"In Reformed Means Missional, Dr. Sam Logan brings together both well known authors and some hidden jewels of the church who labor, Jesus-like, in dark places, and serve the least and the lowest... The result? This wide-ranging volume, which is calculated to give mind, conscience, and, yes, emotions also, a serious, gospel work out."
- Sinclair B Ferguson, Redeemer Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX

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