9781936908172-Time for The Talk: Leading Your Son Into True Manhood-Zollos, Steve

Time for The Talk: Leading Your Son Into True Manhood

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Zollos, Steve | Shepherd Press


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This book is about bigger fish than the sex talk. It clearly, majorly, and practically includes that huge fish. But it s about how a dad (or mom) can have personal, intimate conversations with young sons about the rich relationships Christ wants them to have with Himself, their dad, with girls, young women and with the world at large. Steve Zollos outlines serious topics about which the world does not hesitate to miscounsel our children and youth but always in a way that can communicate parental humility, respect their young adulthood, and that can woo their son s openness. Steve does not write as a young youth pastor with naive advice to parents. The wisdom of maturity in marriage and ministry and his openness about his own failures and successes with his four sons makes his counsel especially valuable for parents of young children and teens.

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