9781936760794-Broken Vows: Divorce and Goodness of God-Greco, John

Broken Vows: Divorce and Goodness of God

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Greco, John | Cruciform Press


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Marriage is supposed to be for life, but divorce still happens. How can a Christian reconcile the reality of divorce with the biblical view of marriage? How can the wronged spouse forgive? And how can God still be good when bad things happen?

In Broken Vows: Divorce and the Goodness of God, Greco doesn't offer pat answers. In the initial aftermath, he says one must simply grieve. "There is a period after a devastating loss when a soul is unable to take in words of healing,"? he says. "These are the moments, not to look for answers or try to find any sort of good in the situation, but to pour yourself out to Jesus."?

Broken Vows combines Greco's personal story with a biblical view of suffering. He provides pastoral help for those who have experienced divorce and gives all Christians a way to think biblically about this difficult subject.

"Filled with wisdom, this is the overflow of a painful personal struggle that resulted in a life full of authenticity and hope."
- Phil Tuttle, President and CEO, Walk Thru the Bible

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