9781936760701-Christ in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood-Crandall, Kimm

Christ in the Chaos: How the Gospel Changes Motherhood

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Crandall, Kimm | Cruciform Press


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For far too long mothers have been beaten down by the law of 'do better' and 'try harder.' The burden of 'getting it right' threatens to crush weary souls who desire to serve their families faithfully. Christ in the Chaos brings comfort to conflicted hearts that are starved of grace and longing for the freedom in Christ the Bible promises.

In this book, Kimm Crandall emphasises the importance of the gospel and how Christ's life, death and resurrection change every aspect of motherhood. From finding our identity in Christ and understanding God's grace, to taking off the mask of acceptability and dealing with the comparison crud, this book will free you to serve your family knowing that his love for you does not change based on your performance.

"I am especially eager to recommend this book to that heart who strives to know God and to make him known to the little ones..."?
- Lauren Chandler, wife of Matt Chandler (pastor of The Village Church), mother of 3, writer, singer and speaker

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