9781936760633-Brass Heavens: Reasons for Unanswered Prayers-Tautges, Paul

Brass Heavens: Reasons for Unanswered Prayers

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Tautges, Paul | Cruciform Press


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Sometimes we're tempted to wonder if God can hear us. After months or even years of praying over a particular person or situation, we look for evidence that God is getting our message or even paying attention, and we can't find much. Why is that? Why do the heavens sometimes seem as hard and reflective as brass? Doesn't God love us and care for us?

In Brass Heavens, author, pastor and biblical counsellor Paul Tautges grounds prayer in the character of our Triune God whose very nature is to share generously his good gifts with His children. Upon that foundation, Tautges then explores six reasons why at times God appears to go silent. As we examine these causes of unanswered prayer, we discover the biblical means by which we may open God's ears to our voice once again.

"Both motivating and convicting, here is a very useful and biblical probe for examining and excising those sins that are hindrances to believing prayer."?
- Jim Elliff, founder and president, Christian Communicators Worldwide

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