9781936760145-Cruciform: Living the Cross-Shaped Life-Davis, Jimmy

Cruciform: Living the Cross-Shaped Life

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Davis, Jimmy | Cruciform Press


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Employing the symbols of the cruciform cathedral and the Celtic cross, the aim of this book is to cast a vision for the cruciform life: living as disciples of Jesus who are being shaped by the cross (gospel) into people and churches who share and show the cross (gospel) as they live the vertical life of loving God with all their head, heart and hands, and the horizontal life of loving people as Christ has loved them.

"Jimmy Davis loves the cross. This book will open your heart up to see how the cross is the center of all of life."?
- Paul Miller, author of A Praying Life

"Jimmy shows from personal experience how a lack of passion and purpose, focus and fervor, compassion and conviction, is always due to distance from the now-power of the gospel."?
- Tullian Tchividjian, pastor and author

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