9781934885963-NGP Problem with Masturbation, The-Smith, Winston

NGP Problem with Masturbation, The

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Smith, Winston | New Growth Press


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It's normal. Everyone does it. Nobody gets hurt. These are some commonly held beliefs about sexual fantasy and masturbation, but are they really true? Are sexual fantasies and masturbation harmless ways of dealing with sexual frustration?

Marriage and family counsellor Winston T. Smith shows how these seemingly harmless pursuits negatively impact you and your ability to have healthy relationships with the people in your real life. Then he shares how you can build a new inner world founded on Christ's love, instead of your imaginary fantasies. As you do so, your life will grow richer in real relationships and your fantasy life will pale by comparison.

Packed full of applied Biblical wisdom, these guides address highly relevant issues for anyone seeking counsel.

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