9781934885512-NGP Healing After Abortion: God's Mercy Is for You-Powlison, David

NGP Healing After Abortion: God's Mercy Is for You

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Powlison, David | New Growth Press


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The turmoil women experience after having an abortion is sometimes called post-abortion syndrome. But you don't need a technical term to describe what you are feeling. The guilt, regret, depression and grief are the honest struggles of a woman who's had an abortion and takes to heart what happened.

David Powlison shares that whatever reactions and emotions you experience, God is committed to entering into your struggle. He sympathises with you in your weakness, but he offers more than sympathy. Jesus steps into your life with mercy, hope and healing. Read this booklet and take to heart the tenderness of the God who promises to redeem your life.

Packed full of applied Biblical wisdom, these guides address highly relevant issues for anyone seeking counsel.

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