9781925501230-Stealing From a Child: The Injustice of 'Marriage Equality'-van Gend, David

Stealing From a Child: The Injustice of 'Marriage Equality'

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van Gend, David | Connor Court


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Australians are being asked to accept a breathtakingly subversive redefinition of marriage, parenting, family and gender, with consequences for core liberties and our children’s education; yet when we raise concerns we are called ‘bigots’. We are branded as ‘haters’ for defending a child’s birthright to her own biological mother and father. We are insulted as ‘homophobes’ for defending our children from the genderless “Safe Schools” programme.

In response, this book respectfully demolishes the edifice of error, injustice, and moral coercion that is built around ‘marriage equality’. It lays bare the subversive ‘genderless agenda’ that comes with genderless ‘marriage’. It is a manifesto in defence of society’s inviolable foundation: Father, Mother, Child.

"If you think same-sex ‘marriage’ won’t affect your family or your freedoms, you haven’t read this book."
- Lyle Shelton, ACL

David van Gend is a family doctor in Queensland and President of the Australian Marriage Forum.

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