The Blueprint (Doctrine)

The Blueprint (Doctrine)

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Jensen, Phillip; Payne, Tony | Matthias Media


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When an aging Paul wrote to his young friend Timothy, he urged him to hold fast to the pattern of sound teaching, to guard the good deposit, and to faithfully preach the Word.

The Blueprint is all about this pattern of sound teaching that we are to believe, preserve, build our lives on, and pass on to others. In this set of studies, we look at the interlocking biblical themes which are at the heart of Christian doctrine, concerning God, mankind, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation, resurrection and the life to come. Briefer and more accessible than a full-sized textbook, The Blueprint invites you to interact with these great truths by investigating key Bible passages and answering questions about their implications for our lives.

An ideal study book for individuals and small groups.

104 pages

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  • How to make the most of these studies
  • 1. Circles and tangents
  • 2. What makes Christians different?
  • 3. Visions on the road
  • 4. An unnecessary truth?
  • 5. The importance of being obstreperous
  • 6. Pitiful Christians
  • 7. Bridging the chasm of history
  • 8. What - no controversy
  • 9. Godly heresies
  • Conclusion: Who wants to be an 'ism'?
  • Appendix: Who is in control?
  • Tips for Group Leaders

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