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With Him

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This short book calls men to discipleship that is modelled on Jesus. Jesus lived, taught and ministered alongside His disciples, taking them "with Him" wherever He went. This sort of discipleship isn't easy - it takes time, openness and commitment.

Kenneth Smith shares how this principle has given him more purpose and joy as a pastor. He explains how it's possible to find godly men to disciple and how you can practically start using the "with him" principle. This book is also packed full of Kenneth's experiences of seeing men he has discipled then go on to disciple others.

"Every word in this book makes me weep with joy for the God who made the man who went on a long journey to find me, to disciple me, to model for me how to walk 'with him'..." 
- Rosaria Butterfield, Author, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert

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