9781910307823-LD Time for Every Thing: How to be busy without feeling burdened-Fuller, Matt

LD Time for Every Thing: How to be busy without feeling burdened

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Do you have enough time? Most of us feel pulled in too many directions, never managing to do enough.

In this book, Matt Fuller liberates us from the drive to do everything; points us to the source of true rest; and sets out a godly framework to help us prioritise, so that we can be productive without being crushed.

"This wonderfully practical book is packed with careful Biblical reflection and solid Biblical wisdom. It will be a great tonic to many people - both liberating and challenging. I strongly recommend it to the busy Christian."?
- William Taylor, Rector, St Helen's Church, Bishopsgate, London

"Matt Fuller's wise, clear and concise book (ideal for busy people!) shows us how the application of Biblical principles can save us from wasting our time or burning ourselves out. He is wise and practical in the way he tackles the claims of work, home, church and leisure."?
- Alasdair Paine, Vicar, St Andrew the Great, Cambridge

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