9781910307373-LD You Can Really Grow: How to thrive in your Christian life-Hindley, John

LD You Can Really Grow: How to thrive in your Christian life

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God does not want us simply to survive in our faith. He wants us to thrive, to enjoy growing as part of his family.

Many of us want to grow, but don't know how to. Many of us feel stuck in a rut in our faith, or are following routines that don't seem to work. John Hindley shows us what growth actually is, why growth is hugely exciting, and how to grow into the people we long to be.

"I loved this book. It's a really practical look at growing as a Christian - but it may surprise you. It's not a list of things to do, but an invitation to a relationship. I encourage you to read it. But even more, I encourage you to read it with someone else - for, as John Hindley reminds us, we grow together as a community."?
- Tim Chester, Director of the Porterbrook Seminary; author of You Can Change

"Honest and oh-so-encouraging, this book is pure fertiliser for every Christian to grow."?
- Mike Reeves, Director of Union; author of Enjoy your Prayer Life

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