9781909919471-Putting Parenting to Bed DVD: Uncommon sense for modern parents-Benton, Ann

Putting Parenting to Bed DVD: Uncommon sense for modern parents

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Putting Parenting to Bed is a course that can be three or six sessions and gives parents some simple, common-sense basics for raising children with confidence, based on the age-old, tried and tested wisdom of the Bible. There is a challenge for unbelieving parents to re-evaluate what they think about life which can lead to a real opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This DVD features interviews and scenarios, as well as the main talks from Ann Benton. Her warm and engaging talks offer common-sense guidance on the parenting essentials: communication, discipline and relationship.

The first session gently introduces a Biblical view of what child is, and highlights common parenting pitfalls that are easy to relate to. Session Two tackles 'The big D-word' - discipline, and explores how we can be loving, authoritative parents. The final session discusses how we can build healthy relationships with our children and invites parents to reflect on what values they want to pass on to them.

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