9781908317322-PPP Teaching Deuteronomy: Talk outlines for the book of Deuteronomy-Barker, Paul

PPP Teaching Deuteronomy: Talk outlines for the book of Deuteronomy

Product Code: 9781908317322

Barker, Paul | The Good Book Company


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Part of the Pray-Prepare-Preach series, Teaching Deuteronomy will help you to understand how God's Old Testament laws apply to Christians now; and teach and apply the main point clearly.

Pray-Prepare-Preach is a new series of guides to help Bible teachers worldwide explain God's Word clearly and accurately in simple English. They help you to:
- Understand the main point of Bible section
- Think how it is important for your people
- Teach the Bible section clearly

"These helpful guides are a wonderful tool for getting to the heart of the Bible, understanding its message, clarifying its teaching and communicating it to others with confidence and accuracy. I warmly commend them."?
- David Jackman, President, Proclamation Trust, UK

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