9781907377853-GBG 1 Peter: Living in the Real World-Chester, Tim

GBG 1 Peter: Living in the Real World

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Chester, Tim | The Good Book Company


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The Christian has a wonderful future: but the Christian life is not easy in the present. So how should we respond to the suffering we experience?

Christians in the west have had an easy ride for the last couple of centuries, with freedom to practise their faith, meet together, read and teach the Bible and spread the good news of the gospel. But things could be changing. For how much longer can these freedoms be guaranteed?

Wise Christians understand that opposition and suffering are normal for the church and are prepared for anything. That's why Christians today need the message of 1 Peter - a letter to first-century believers surrounded by trials and hostility.

Why does God let this happen? How can my faith survive? How should I treat those who cause me suffering? These questions and more are covered in 5 sessions full of practical application.

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