9781907377334-Delighting in the Trinity: Why the Father, Son and Spirit are good news-Chester, Tim

Delighting in the Trinity: Why the Father, Son and Spirit are good news

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How can there be three Gods and yet only one God? Many of us find the doctrine of the Trinity - that God is three persons sharing one nature - difficult to get our heads round, and frankly a bit embarrassing. What is more, we seem to get by without thinking about it too deeply.

But in reality, the Trinity is at the heart of all that Christians believe. This book aims to help you see how the Trinity is fantastically good news. Because the trinity means that God is not remote and uninvolved - quite the opposite. God sent His Son and His Spirit into our world to draw us into a wonderful relationship with Himself. This is the God who gives meaning and joy to our lives.

Tim Chester will take us deeper into understanding the thrilling triune nature of God. In short accessible chapters, he takes us through the Bible's teaching on the Trinity; gives us an overview of the important arguments over the Trinity that have taken place throughout Christian history; and lays out the practical implications for our Christian lives.

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