9781906334574-PPP Teaching God's Big Story: Talk outlines for a Bible overview-Crowter, Phil

PPP Teaching God's Big Story: Talk outlines for a Bible overview

Product Code: 9781906334574

Crowter, Phil | The Good Book Company


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Preaching God's Big Story is one of the Pray-Prepare-Preach (PPP) booklets. PPP is a series of guides to help Bible teachers world wide explain God's Word clearly and accurately. This particular booklet gives you 24 talk outlines for a Bible overview. It also includes helpful charts and maps that succinctly illustrate the Bible's great story as it unfolds from Creation to New Creation.

The PPP series provides basic sermon outlines covering key Bible books. They provide:
- A study section to help the preacher understand the passage context
- A basic talk outline, with suggestions for headings, illustrations and application

"These helpful guides are a wonderful tool for getting to the heart of the Bible, understanding its message, clarifying its teaching and communicating it to others with confidence and accuracy. I warmly commend them."?
- David Jackman, Pastor, author and former president of Proclamation Trust, UK

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