9781905564347-Hard Corps, The: Combat training for the man of God-Hankey, Dai

Hard Corps, The: Combat training for the man of God

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Heard the one about the guy who wrestled a lion in a pit on a snowy day just for fun? Or about the guy who took on a giant Egyptian twice his size? Or the three special ops ninjas who risked their all in enemy territory - just to get a bottle of spring water for their General? These are just some of the startling exploits of the Mighty Men who fought alongside King David.

The stories are gripping, astonishing and powerfully brought to life in the pages of this book. But these are not just bed-time tales of heroic men from a lost age. They are stories that shine a powerful and sometimes uncomfortable light on what it means to be a true man of God - a Christian - today.

"... This book will cause you to come out swinging, and keep you there till the fight's over and your knuckles are bloody in your war against sin."?
- Peyton Jones, New Breed Church Planting, www.newbreedchurchplanting.org

"... in the end, you will not just be challenged about masculinity, you will be taken to the feet of the Ultimate Man so you can act like a real man and worship."?
- Steve Timmis, Director Acts 29, Western Europe

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