9781876730079-Hebrews: A New Covenant Commentary-Dumbrell, William J.

Hebrews: A New Covenant Commentary

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Dumbrell, William J. | Redeemer Baptist


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Biblical covenant is a relationship founded on divine promises and requiring certain human responses. Dunbrell brings his considerable expertise in the Old Testament and covenant theology to the Epistle to the Hebrews, focussing on how Jesus forever transformed God's covenant with his people.

The problem for the Hebrews was the pressing need for atonement for daily sins. They were still operating under the now defunct old covenant but they were receiving no more than moral and psychological support from superficial cleansing. The post-cross sacrifices could no longer do what the valid Old Testament sacrifices did.

However, by virtue of and from the sacrifice of Christ, Christian believers could obtain forgiveness. They are confident in their access to the heavenly holy of holies where they will find grace to meet needs.

This is a compact commentary for the knowledgeable reader.

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