9781876326456-How and Why of Love, The: An Introduction to Evangelical Ethics-Hill, Michael

How and Why of Love, The: An Introduction to Evangelical Ethics

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Hill, Michael | Matthias Media


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Is abortion ever right? Can divorced Christians remarry? What about euthanasia? In a whole range of issues, Christians search for the biblical answer. But ethics is about far more than controversial issues and hard cases. Its about how we apply the teaching of the Bible to our lives each day as we wait for Christs return; its about our actions and our motives; its about our character. In this vibrant, stimulating and much-needed book, Michael Hill introduces us to an evangelical approach to ethics. Starting from creation, and taking us through the whole of biblical theology, the author develops a simple and yet comprehensive model of gospel-based ethics. In so doing, he provides us not just with solutions to difficult cases, but with an ethical framework we can bring to every aspect of our lives.

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